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Luxury Mediterranean holidays

Villas to rent in Kas TurkeyTo summarize, they are some suggestions and mistakes that you need to avoid so that you can easily obtain cheap luxury holidays. Change your hotel from cosy and comfy to 5 star luxurious with special promotions and periodic sales that fly out luxury holidays at very cheap rates. The daily massages in the top rated Chiva-Som Health spa in Thailand will pave the way for the selection of leisure triggers: yoga, bikram yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, swimming, body balance and stress management should enable you to get feeling like yourself again. It boasts the earth’s highest building, a seven-star hotel and a number of 200 guy-made islands the same shape as the nations around the globe.

Selecting right packages and services will allow you to savor all of these features in a low cost. This is a an exquisitely sculpted island just north of Egypt perfectly situated to get all the advantages of a Mediterranean location. Click here to join sea view villa in Turkey.

Aquatic sports do not get much better than surging with the Maldives turquoise waters. Since you will find numerous of places to go to, you will find some suggestions that you need to remember when planning your loved ones holidays. Continue reading Luxury Mediterranean holidays

Boutique Hotels v.s. Small Luxury Hotels

The above terms have now become interchangeable and confusing.  The Luxury Boutiques Hotels market has been so successful that the term has been hijacked by all and sundry and has almost become synonymous with any small pension or offshoot of larger chain hotels wishing to cash in on the market’s success.  Elixir Holidays recognises this and wants to reinvent the brand to signify that Small Luxury Hotels can deliver to the very high end market of the Directors, Consultants and families who know what they want in their service delivery and aim to get it in the best locations in Turkey.

Exclusive hotels in Turkey

Elixir Holidays has seen the market fluctuate and not necessarily in the right direction.  We aim to maintain or even to exceed the normal high standards our clients set for us, ever watchful and mindful that we are living up to the expectations we set ourselves.

Small Luxury Hotels offer so much to Elixir Holidays’ clients and we keep striving to identify the best along the Kas, Kalkan and Bodrum areas of Turkey.  The Peninsula Gardens Hotel is a new-look luxury sanctuary.  Situated on the Kas Peninsula you can lounge around all day in blissful serenity or use it as a base for timely exploration of all that is historical in its surrounds.  Each of its 18 rooms represents understated luxury, romance and privacy with its own terrace and private plunge pool.  Kas Peninsula Gardens is stunning, intimate and luxurious.  It is featured in our 2011/12 Turkish Collection Brochure.  The infinity outdoor pool with its curvaceous contours and wave machine is available for the odd occasion that the child in you may be feeling more energetic.  A languid stroll to the hotel’s very own wellbeing spa with its array of treatments may be the only additional exertion you may want to allow in your day. Continue reading Boutique Hotels v.s. Small Luxury Hotels

Mansion villas Gocek, exclusive holiday rentals

Elixir Holidays Limited offers luxury private villas with pools in Turkey.  Exclusive clients have requested something to wow, to take preferred clients to and special family holidays, private yet fashionable within close proximity to the airport.  Here we have one of the most exclusive Luxury Private villas with pools in Turkey, you are ever likely to encounter.

This amazingly, sympathetic and personally created mansion villa is the brainchild of architects, and is the epitome of the sort of luxury private villas with pools in Turkey being offered by Elixir Holidays.  Contemporary Luxury with a nod to the symbolisms of the old empire are contained in every marble, stone and exclusive facet of this luxurious mansion nestling among the hills of Gocek.  It is surrounded by and overlooks the 12 islands of Gocek – almost mimicking the idea of the hideaway of the gods. Continue reading Mansion villas Gocek, exclusive holiday rentals

Small luxury hotels

Elixir Holidays never stands still and, yet again, it has zoomed past its competition and is creating an absolutely gorgeous nook in Kalkan Resort called Likya Gardens Hotel, a brand new piece of luxury which is situated only 800 meters outside of Kalkan Turkey at the end of the peninsula gardens and almost adjacent to Tas Ev (stone house in Turkish).

This is a truly exclusive residence designed with you in mind; a privileged few will arrive most likely with other smart friends and family to occupy the whole complex.  Set on the secluded edge of Kalkan’s sweeping bay, Likya Gardens is an irresistibly stylish concept boutique hotel or should we just be honest and say, Small Luxury Hotel, with just six suites, all with large private pools.  Of all the Resorts in Turkey, Kalkan is well known for its wide array and quality of the cuisine – admittedly popular with British tourists but has some of the best restaurants outside of Istanbul.  Luxurious Lykia Gardens is set away from the hustle and bustle in an exclusive part of the resort.  Elixir Holidays’ guests are encouraged to take the horse-drawn carriage with driver and amble quietly into the Kalkan Resort. Continue reading Small luxury hotels

Luxury Turkey hotels

peninsula gardens hotelTurkey is well known for his warm climate from at least May to the beginning of November.  This is one of the reasons why Elixir Holidays has some of their most gorgeous hotels including, the Peninsula Gardens Hotel, one of the most stylish luxury boutique hotels in Turkey.   When you awake, wander for a leisurely breakfast to the restaurant, where Greek islands shimmer nearby in the morning haze or step straight onto your secluded terrace and take a dip in your own, private pool, where each of this stunning hotel’s rooms offers unrivalled privacy.  We don’t know of any other of Kas Peninsula’s hotels (or around the Mediterranean), that offers such intimate, luxury in Turkey.

In your search for Luxury Turkish hotels, you will find that the Peninsula Gardens hotel is the very epitome of exclusive and intimate luxury and, if you want to stretch out and give yourself room to swim, the hotel has indoor and outdoor pools, and even a gym.  Then there is the Mediterranean on your doorstep – you have the option of diving off from the platform or pontoon.  Your Turkey holidays 2012 will see the Peninsula Gardens Hotel expanding its feeling of luxury with several cabanas designed for romance, relaxation and privacy.  They will contain extra large recliners, Wi-Fi, mini bars and you can even have your own dedicated staff.  You can also take time out in the Spa – the perfect way to unwind after a busy day exploring the many historic sites nearby.  Book a goulette excursion to one of charmingly tucked away sandy bays to continue the feeling of being in a world lost in time.