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Small luxury hotels

Elixir Holidays never stands still and, yet again, it has zoomed past its competition and is creating an absolutely gorgeous nook in Kalkan Resort called Likya Gardens Hotel, a brand new piece of luxury which is situated only 800 meters outside of Kalkan Turkey at the end of the peninsula gardens and almost adjacent to Tas Ev (stone house in Turkish).

This is a truly exclusive residence designed with you in mind; a privileged few will arrive most likely with other smart friends and family to occupy the whole complex.  Set on the secluded edge of Kalkan’s sweeping bay, Likya Gardens is an irresistibly stylish concept boutique hotel or should we just be honest and say, Small Luxury Hotel, with just six suites, all with large private pools.  Of all the Resorts in Turkey, Kalkan is well known for its wide array and quality of the cuisine – admittedly popular with British tourists but has some of the best restaurants outside of Istanbul.  Luxurious Lykia Gardens is set away from the hustle and bustle in an exclusive part of the resort.  Elixir Holidays’ guests are encouraged to take the horse-drawn carriage with driver and amble quietly into the Kalkan Resort. Continue reading Small luxury hotels