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General info | New Deluxe & Super Deluxe Rooms

Five new rooms have been added to the current seven remarkable and individualized rooms that have already been captivating Elixir guests. They include the Byzantium Treasury Super Deluxe room; the Bacchus Hideout and Harem Deluxe rooms; the Sultan and the King, both of which are Superior Deluxe rooms; and the Fairies Nest, another Deluxe room. Occupying the grand ivy-clad wing of the hotel, the new rooms add a breathtaking chapter to the vivacious fable that is the Sacred House.

Each room is decorated in its own very distinctive style, with the interiors reflecting the formation of the rock of which they are a part of. Perhaps the most striking of the original rooms is the Old Chapel, which was previously the chapel serving the mansion in its days as a private residence, and was visited by the clergy of the Orthodox Church. Steeped in history, this room is adorned with religious relics even the bedspread was embroidered by local nuns. Luxury is uncompromised, however there is a well-appointed bathroom with a Jacuzzi.

Fit for kings, Chevalier is a room that could have featured in many a tale of medieval mystery, with its arched ceilings and an intricate, eye-catching bedspread made especially for the film Troy. A Jacuzzi completes the relaxing ambience of this room.

Gothic opulence is a most fitting description for Anka's Lair having been completely refurbished, this room now features a brass bed set beneath a soaring sculpture carved into the rock.

Be transported to the ethereal, at The Sacred House.