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Sacred House Turkey

Cappadocia – Bizarre & Haunting, Rugged & Untamed

Cappadocia, that most haunting and surreal of landscapes, lies in the heart of old Asia Minor, 4,000 feet up on the Anatolian plain at the crossroads of the ancient trade routes. Born of volcanoes and fashioned by the wind and winter rains, Cappadocia’s extraordinary pillars are known as “fairy chimneys”, columns of sun-bleached rock.

The Sacred House - Do you believe in fairy tales?
There once was a strange land, far away where the sun shines. It was a land of strange mountains and quaint little villages, full of mystery and beauty, and it was called Cappadocia. In the heart of this wondrous place stood a Greek mansion, carved from the very caves set in the side of the magical hills…

A fairy tale? Actually, the truth is possibly even more fantastic. For the sacred House is a Greek mansion hewn from caves in Cappadocia and it is every bit as magical and unusual as you could imagine.

Once the mansion of a Greek aristocrat, it is now a hotel with just 21 rooms. Each room is decorated in its own very distinctive style, the interiors reflecting the formation of the rock of which they are a part.


Unbelievable, amazing, exquisite elegance, beauty and charm – some of the descriptive words being left on review sites for the Sacred House. Elixir’s accommodation begins with the nine Superior Deluxe Rooms, then continues with five Signature Suites and two Sacred Suites. We have decided to forgo the entry level Deluxe Rooms

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