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Journey through Turkey in ten fascinating days. A kaleidoscope of varied experiences takes you through the fabled bazaars of old Istanbul and to the crumbling sunlit ruins of the Aegean coast. This private tour balances sightseeing and relaxation and is an ideal choice for couples, small parties or friends travelling together. This is not a tour you will share with strangers.

Your journey begins with four nights in Istanbul, including a full day's tour of the city, with lunch. On day five, you will be taken to the infamous battleground of Gallipoli. You will then head to Troy. Evoking the spirit of Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, and the epic legends of Helen, Paris, Achilles and the Trojan Horse, many consider this battlefield amongst the most haunting and enigmatic in the ancient world. You will spend the night at the small and beautifully appointed Manici Kasri Hotel, nestling in the foothills of Mount Ida.

The following day, you will journey south to Assos, and the Temple of Athena. This is the Assos of antiquity, where Aristotle taught - perhaps on that very slab of sun-bleached rock on which you will be standing. At lunch time, the restaurants in Assos set out their most sumptuous seafood dishes to tempt you. Fortunately, you have plenty of time to succumb to the temptation. The next stop is Kalem Island, arriving in time for a refreshing cocktail, followed by dinner.

Day 7 takes you south to the classic ruins of Pergamum, one of Turkey's finest archaeological sites. From there, you will journey to Hotel Kismet in Kusadasi which will be your base for the remainder of the tour. Hotel Kismet is a haven of tranquility on a small peninsula jutting from the seaboard of Kusadasi. Spend the final leg of your tour with a full day in Ephesus and the House of the Virgin Mary, with a further day to explore the Roman sites of Miletus, Prienne and Didyma, home to the Oracle of Apollo.