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There is also an excellent Kidside Club to keep the little ones entertained. Catering to 4- to 18-year-olds, its plethora of activities – from kids pool parties to archery tournaments – keeps all juniors busy and content.

Adults love the Club’s nightlife: babysitting can be arranged. But there is also plenty of room to escape for those who want some peace and quiet.

The hotel even publishes a daily gazette, The Hillside Daily, bringing news of all the daily activities. A typical itinerary for the day might look like this:

Kidside Club

Minis (ages 4-7)

Magic games, table games, pool games, computer games, watching video films & mini disco.

Juniors (ages 8-12)

A variety of sports activities throughout the day, including soccer, basketball, archery, water sports, table tennis, play station, diving demos in the pool, sailing courses and football tournaments in the evenings under the supervision of professional entertainment coaches.

Teen Club (ages 13-15)

Fun- packed times with sports activities throughout the day, diving demos in the sea, sailing courses, motorised water sports ( at reduced rates), and hip-hop and DJ classes.

Young Club (ages 16-17)

Fun activities throughout the day such as DJ classes, basketball, kayaking, water sports ( motorised water sports at reduced rates, windsurfing free of charge), bingo, water polo, table tennis, beach volleyball, darts and dance classes.