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Where once Aphrodite lured sailors on to distraction and doom, now secluded beaches, soaring mountains and tempting cuisine lure discerning travellers on to delectation and delight. Datca appears to be a Who's Who of classic conquerors. Alexander the Great called here, as did the Romans, the Greeks, the Spartans and the Byzantines.

Yet, Datca peninsula is a place largely untroubled by change. It might be only a short drive away, but it is a world away from the region's noisy, modern resorts. Languidly lying where the Mediterranean meets the Aegean, Datca is home to beautiful beaches, exotic fauna and towering mountains. Pretty villages and tranquil bays await discovery, as do family-run restaurants offering sumptuous seafood.

According to legend, the phenomenon was created by a maiden who attempted to block the entrance to the bay, in a bid to prevent marauding pirates from attacking the village. Sadly, she was unable to finish the job and drowned herself to avoid capture.