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A moment's journey becomes a voyage from Europe to Asia. Stunning Ajia, situated right on the Strait and oozing character, is all about the dramatic views across the Bosphorus, which you can take in from the terrace or your very own balcony. Blessed with eye-addicting views, Ajia ups the experience with head-turning style and old-world charm it was recently chosen one of the 50 most romantic escapes in the world by Travel & Leisure.

The aristocrats of bygone ages would have spent their summers at their Yalis - their summer residences. As an Elixir guest, you now have the same privilege.

Ajia is a fine old Yali, formely known as Ahmet Rasim Pasha, after a former Ottoman governor of Istanbul. The hotel is situated on the genteel Asian side of the Bosphorus. It has a superb location right on the Straight and both the bar and restaurant have terraces that make the most of the stunning setting.

This is a distinguished hotel, enjoying the quieter, more tranquil pace of life in the Asian district.