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Green Duck and Albatros-A

Soaring sea birds catch the warm winds of the coast

The Elixir team were pioneers of goulette holidays, and we still set the standard for the best that a Turkish Mediterranean cruise can offer.

Green Duck & Albatros-A are two splendid gulets, beautifully appointed and ideal to provide the additional cruising accommodation we needed. We had a welcome problem to solve: every year, our coveted 70ft gulet Serenity sells out almost before anything else in our collection. This year we were determined to find some more boats of equal quality and these two charmingly named denizens fit the bill perfectly.

Green Duck is 21 metres long, while Albatros-A extends to 22 metres. Both are suitable for two couples travelling together, or for a family with two or three children.

In fact, Albatros-A has two master cabins and one double and one twin cabin, so it would suit two families of four.

Take in fresh sea breezes and clear blue skies from the comfort of the spacious deck. Enjoy an array of Mediterranean cuisine as our on-board chef and crew of three cater to your every delight, as well as sampling local delicacies at each new stop.